About Us

We’re a simple site.

Nothing too complicated.

We find products related to books.

Products we love.

Anything goes.

As long as it’s LIT


About Us

We Like Book Stuff

Readers are collectors.

We collect words, ideas, and stories. The physical books represent those collections. They’re also reminders of adventures into old and new worlds.

We have piles of books in every room. We never have enough shelf space. We can’t find a way to get rid of any books (that would be akin to ripping apart the soul of a bibliophile). And our book wishlist could never be completed in a thousand lifetimes.

We can never have enough books.

And if something is book related, well – we have to have that too.

Got a book lover in your life? Awesome. S/he will love most anything we find. You’ve found the perfect gift store.


What we do

It’s simple.

We find book-related products we love and post them here. We do not sell or ship any products ourselves.

We just make finding LIT (-erary) products a little easier.

How do you make money?

Advertising. Some companies will pay to have their product shown. But we’re not sell-outs. We’ll only post products we love, regardless of compensation.

Can you post my product?

Maybe. Visit our product request page for more information. 

I want everything

I know and totally hear you on this. So do we. We’re here for you.