Bookish Soap

I’m not really in this for the soap itself, although each one does come with a unique scent such as lavender or jasmine. I’m loving these babies purely for the devilishly clever ornamental value. 

And the price. I’m really eyeing that price.

Wouldn’t these be great stuck inside a custom made gift basket for book lovers? Or, at that great price, you could just buy several of each and give them away to your bookish friends or book club members at Christmas. Who wouldn’t love to receive one? I would.

I would stack a few on the vanity of my guest bath. But I might get upset if someone actually unwrapped it to use it. I’m not sure what to do with that. My book-hoarding monster is showing.

$3.99 *

* Price subject to change at will by vendor.

Literary Soap Shakespeare

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Why we love it

Simply because the wrapping is so detailed! Each little bar of soap has a unique design with a humorous take on cleanliness from the mouth of the author or literary character. Too cute!

Where we found it

Anyone bookish likes to browse sites like The Literary Gift Company. They have a number of amazing gifts for book lovers, but these soaps stood out for me. Simple but weirdly spellbinding. And inexpensive!


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Bookish Soap

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Literary Soap Shakespeare

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