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Harry Potter House Wand Stands

We have three Harry Potter interactive wands at home. They aren’t the remote control wands, but the interactive wands you can but at Universal Studios. The kids and I each picked one out when we visited. But we have no way to display them, only the long (but still cool) box they came in from Ollivanders.

I chose Luna Lovegood’s wand, my son chose Professor Snape’s wand, and my daughter took Hermione Granger’s wand. That would call for a Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor House stand, respectively!

Any licensed Harry Potter will fit in the stand. The remote control wands you can find on Amazon, or the standard wands, or the interactive wands from Universal Studios. And what a great way to display your treasures!

Absolutely one of my favorite products from The Noble Collection. You’ll find the all-encompassing Hogwarts School stand to the right (or below on mobile) and the four houses below.

$29.95 *

* Price subject to change at will by vendor.

Hogwarts House Wand Stands
All images screenshotted from amazon.com and photo edited.

Why we love it

We have three collectible Harry Potter wands at home from our visit to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in Florida. Our wands are the interactive ones. A nice display will be ideal.

Where we found it

I found these wand stands while browsing The Noble Collections licensed products on Amazon. They are my favorite products from their HP collection.


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Harry Potter House Wand Stands

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Harry Potter House Wand Stands

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