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Wall-Mounted Lord of the Rings Swords

United Cutlery has a large collection of beautifully made and officially licensed wall-mounted sword replicas from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. I’ve been eyeing these since the movies first came out, and I would love each and every one. Displayed are the five I find the most appealing.

King Theoden’s sword. This one is my absolute favorite from the movies. I am obsessed with the horseman hilt. The scene when King Theoden is given his sword after Gandalf cures him has always stayed with me. It’s as if he looks upon it for the very first time, and it gives him life.

This is the blade that was broken by Aragorn’s ancestor, reforged by the Elves of Rivendell. In the books, he was given the sword long before he was in the movies.

This is the sword Arwen holds high above her head when she taunts the Ringwraiths. “If you want him, come and claim him.” The named sword wasn’t in the original book, but who doesn’t love that scene?

Gandalf found this sword originally in The Hobbit, along with with Sting (Bilbo’s dagger). The sword was believed to be over 6,500 years old, surviving many ages, finally being retrieved and carried by Gandalf after defeating a trio of trolls.

Legolas’ Fighting Knives
In the movies, Legolas carried twin blades with yellow hilts along with his bow and arrows. These are the replicas from the movies – a nice set to own! In the book, he carried a single long, white knife – not the twin blades as in the movies.

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Wall-mounted Lord of the Rings Swords King Theoden's Sword Herugrim

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Why we love it

Having read the book multiple times, and watched all three “extended” versions of the movie more times than I can count, these sword replicas remain at the heart of my desires. I’m an LOTR junkie.

Where we found it

After the movies came out, I saw a number of them for sale. I wondered if they were still available so I went looking for them. Sure enough…


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Wall-Mounted Lord of the Rings Swords

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Wall-mounted Lord of the Rings Swords King Theoden's Sword Herugrim

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