Library Candle

I would like one in each room. I’m trying to figure out how many I can place in each room without bordering on obnoxious. It’s apparent I need more storage space.

A night of absolute, perfect luxury (in my ultimate fantasy) is a leather wingback chair in front of a roaring fireplace, a book in hand, a glass of wine next to me, fuzzy slippers, a cozy blanket, and the obligatory candle.

The description lists its top notes as orange and nutmeg, and the mid notes as library books, among others. I’m not quite sure how they achieved this note but my olfactory senses are thankful.

$29.95 *

* Price subject to change at will by vendor.

Library Candle
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Why we love it

It’s simple and not over the top. The candle itself has a simple title. The company description and candle markings aren’t overselling it. The word library is enough for any book lover.

Where we found it

Browsing on Amazon shopping for candles. It popped up out of nowhere. Google knows my taste. I think they know more about me than I do.


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Library Candle

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