The High Noon Teaspoon


For some, this is a recipe for ultimate happiness. I’m one!

This teaspoon would make such a beautiful and perfect gift for any book lover. It would feel like a personalized gift, even though the price tag doesn’t suggest that. If I received this from someone, I would think, “Wow, s/he really knows me.” And I would cherish it. Probably show it to everyone, too.

If your intended recipient is a coffee sipper, this probably wouldn’t go over too well. So, keep that in mind.

I’m in the mood for a little tea party now. I’ll invite The Cheshire-Cat, The Mad Hatter, and the March Hare, to be sure.

$12.99 *

* Price subject to change at will by vendor.

The High Non Teaspoon for Book Lovers

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Why we love it

It’s simply beautiful and quite personal if the recipient is both a tea drinker and voracious reader. It’s the perfect complement to that happy time in his/her life. It could be a collector’s piece or a spoon you habitually use. It’s too perfect!

Where we found it

I found this on Amazon which led me to the seller – Boston Creative. I found some other incredible book lover goodies I’ll be displaying from them very soon.


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The High Non Teaspoon for Book Lovers

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