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Folded Page Book Art

Boston Creative Company sells these amazing custom made folded art books. You can customize them with whatever you like such as an anniversary date or someone’s name or a favorite inspirational word. Anything at all, as long as it fits. They also do two to three books for longer phrases.

I have no idea what the contents of the books are. I couldn’t find that information anywhere. But it looks like the book covers are also custom made with their logo out the outside.

The books are printed out with fold marks and then meticulously hand-folded according to the order. They have a little description of the book page folding process for you to read.

Personalized gifts are the bomb. Any recipient would be over the moon to receive one of these. A complete stunner. 

These beauties need some major Internet love.

$49.99 *

* Price subject to change at will by vendor.

Dream Folded Book Art

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Why we love it

These are simply marvelous! But the real attraction here is that you can have them fully customized to say what you want to show an anniversary date for example. Personalized book gifts are the best.

Where we found it

A bookish teaspoon I found led me to this site where I found an entire section on this book art. Jackpot!


We do not receive any commission or compensation from any purchases made at Boston Creative Company.

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Folded Page Book Art

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Dream Folded Book Art

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