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Old Books Tissue Dispenser

This is so much better than Grandma’s purple crocheted tissue box covers (sorry, Grandma!). 

If you have kids and/or have issues with spring pollen and Hayfever, tissue boxes are splashed around the house. And they’re not very pretty. But necessary. These old books tissue dispensers make a nice covering – and we love anything that resembles a stack of lovely, little, beautiful books.

Looks perfect in the office or in your home library. Perhaps even in the bathroom!

$29.99 *

* Price subject to change at will by vendor.

Old Books Tissue Dispenser

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Why we love it

Disguise virtually anything as a stack of books and we love it. To a bibliophile, books are the ultimate decorative piece.

Where we found it

Amazon, where else? I’ve seen these around before. The one I picked had the best and most amount of reviews. 


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Old Books Tissue Dispenser

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Old Books Tissue Dispenser

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