Do you sell the products I find here?
No, we are not a store. We are simply a curator of the best and most remarkable literary gift ideas on the web. We are book lovers and book readers, and therefore completely obsessed with anything related to literature. When we find something we love and absolutely MUST HAVE, we blog about it. Our product pages are simply blog posts with links leading to what we’ve discovered.
Are your posts advertisements?
We do allow people/companies to advertise on Bibliophile Gifts. But to advertise a product and have a product page, that product must be approved. It can’t be just anything. Companies cannot just book a slot. It must be a book-related product that we love and adore. No selling out here. But we do need to pay for the site. Many of the items we find have affiliate links and we make a small commission if our link leads to a sale.
How do you find this awesome stuff?
The Internet is a vast place. It has everything. Seriously.
Will you promote my book?
We’re not promoting any books at this juncture. Possibly in the future.