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The Coolest Reading Glasses Ever

Neckglasses have got to be one of the greatest ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

These gorgeous necklaces double as reading glasses. A functional design that makes me wonder: why haven’t I seen this until now? If you run to Walmart or a convenience store to pick up a pair of readers, you’ll see the same blasé designs that your great-grandmother wore and everyone else since then. They haven’t changed much over the years. I have no idea why. Why bother with design when only functionality mattered? (said no woman ever)

These Neckglasses come in several different designs, more than what I’ve pictured. And each one comes in gold or silver, and with different types of tassels. They also come in different strengths.

Personally, I want one of each in gold. I am jumping with glee at having found these. My Christmas list is getting accomplished!

$29.95 *

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Coolest Reading Glasses

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Why we love it

The geek in me loves the old-time librarian-glasses-on-a-chain look. But these are just to die for. I can already imagine someone saying, “My, what a great necklace!” and then watch their expression as I use it to read.

Where we found it

I thought that somewhere in the world, and most likely on Amazon, there must be a stylish pair of readers on a chain. I was sooooooo right.


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Coolest Reading Glasses Ever

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