Metal Sculpture Kits for Book Lovers

Have you tried a Metal Earth sculpture kit yet? They come in little flat packs and you can find them at stores everywhere.  We love them. It’s very much akin to tackling a puzzle on a rainy day. These kits require the same amount of mental focus, but you have less idle time with your hands.

The kits come with sheets of perforated metal. Dislodging the piece is a project in itself. With a set of directions, you create a wonderful sculpture that you’ll be proud to display.

I’ve made a few of the Star Wars sculptures with my son and they came out beautifully. My son loves to display them in his room. Metal Earth, by Innovatoys, has plenty to choose from. I’ve found some wonderful selections for book lovers such as The Old Man and the Sea, Moby-Dick, The Iron Throne from their Game of Thrones collection, and Hagrid’s Hut from their Harry Potter collection. Check them out!

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the Old Man and the Sea Metal Sculpture

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Why we love it

These Metal Earth model kits are fun projects for a rainy day. I’ve built several of them. They require focus and time, but the finished product feels like a great accomplishment. And they are beautiful to display. We love the book-related themes!

Where we found it

You can find Metal Earth packs in a bunch of different stores. They sell well and they are extremely popular. I’ve purchased a few of them. I already knew they existed when I discovered a trove of GoT themed Metal Earth packs!


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Metal Sculpture Kits for Bibliophiles

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the Old Man and the Sea Metal Sculpture

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