Fake Book Safes

I love the idea of a book hiding more secrets than you might think.

These gorgeous books that would look beautiful on a bookshelf are actually secret little safes to keep your valuables. These safes have a combination lock you can set yourself. Hide your cash, travel documents, anything you would like.

I think this would be a great way to stash away vacation money. Especially since they are so travel oriented!

I don’t think a recipient would need to be a book reader to enjoy this as a gift. Anyone would love one. Even kids! I might get a few of these for early Christmas gifts for the kids in the family. 

I found several other secret book safes, but these are the ones I love the best.

$13.95 *

* Price subject to change at will by vendor.

Rome Book Safes

All images screenshotted from amazon.com and photo edited.

Why we love it

Books have secrets. And book readers love secrets. Who doesn’t want the secret room hidden behind a secret door in a bookcase? This isn’t a secret door but it’s close enough.

Where we found it

I went looking for a book safe, to be honest. I found a few, but these are the ones I loved the best because of the way the books look. Absolutely beautiful on a bookshelf.


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Fake Book Safes

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Rome Book Safe

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