Tiny Library DIY Model Kit

Let the truth be said. Every book lover and bibliophile wants their own personal library.

Now you can have one!

I bought one of these kits (not the library) last year. It was an adorable blue room in a glass box. My daughter and I worked on it together. It took about twenty hours to complete. These tiny rooms are very intensive with a lot of tiny items to put together from even smaller parts. But the experience is well worth it. 

These kits come with everything you need including glue – except for batteries which you’ll need for the light. As for the glue, although it is included, it would still be wise to have a hot glue gun nearby. 

These tiny room kits are adorable!

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Tiny DIY Library Model Kit

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Why we love it

What’s not to love? Any miniature version of something you love is a win. And all bibliophile love libraries. You’ve always wanted your very own library, haven’t you?

Where we found it

I’m not even sure what query led me to find this. But I found it on Amazon. I’ve had and built one of these rooms before, with my daughter, and we loved the time together.


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Tiny Library DIY Model Kit

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Tiny DIY Library Model Kit

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